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Date Event
2014/11/1711/17/2014 University of Saskatchewan CAPSI Council
2015/02/2802/28/2015 Simon Fraser University Mens Hockey Game
2015/04/1004/10/2015 Egg Crack Challenge/Cassez-vous le coco
2015/04/2504/25/2015 Southern Footprints Run to Benefit JDRF
2015/06/0206/02/2015 TELUS Calgary Pie Toss
2015/07/2107/21/2015 Double Your Impact/ Doublez votre impact
2015/08/1008/10/2015 9th Annual Jason Kelly Classic Golf
2015/08/1408/14/2015 WFG - Richard Cender Memorial Slo-Pitch
2015/09/1209/12/2015 Mike's Bike Shop Cyclebetes - 2015
2015/09/2009/20/2015 Les tops du 1000 courent pour FRDJ
2015/09/2709/27/2015 The No Day Off Challenge
2015/10/1710/17/2015 Annual Promise Ball
2015/10/2410/24/2015 Starlight Gala
2015/11/0111/01/2015 Canadian Mudd Queens Virtual Run
2015/11/0711/07/2015 2015 ROCKIN' FOR RESEARCH
2015/11/1411/14/2015 Toronto Promise Ball - 2015
2015/11/2011/20/2015 DIA - BEAT - IT GALA 2015
2015/12/0112/01/2015 Halifax Gives More-Giving Tuesday
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