Our October Haunting
Not just late in the evening but throughout the night and day
In dark windows and bright parks the sweet blood quest not kept at bay
Feet drag along the floor as Zombie parents stalk
Reddened, glazed Zombie eyes track, mind numb unable to talk
Pasty thick fingered hands fumble slow as mud
Warm flesh grasped and lanced, in sleep the child lets his blood
Time drags on as the glucometer counts
Breath held for healthy amounts
The haunting continues to this very day

This month we recognize Sage successfully living as a little boy with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for one year. Sage was diagnosed October 27, 2012. As parents there has been a lot of ground covered in terms of learning about this disease and how to care for Sage.

We are so thankful to have Sage with us. He looks to be the picture of health and so full of life. But, this is only possible because there is life saving insulin and excellent medical support available to him and because of our extreme diligence in care. Advances in technology have allowed him to take his multiple daily injections with less pain and provide him with quite accurate blood glucose readings.

Our highlights for this year were our fabulous clinic team who’ve made themselves available to us and shared a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) with us when the times were really bad the JDRF Walk and Diabetes Summer Camp where we met so many wonderful people on the same journey as us!

The low lights have been the crazy blood sugar highs we fought for weeks on end through the summer as well as blood sugar lows that continue to scare us right to the bone as we see him fade before us.

We are so thankful for the support we’ve received from family and friends as we continue to read and react to T1D and bring up our typical boy to be an upstanding man and a great contributor to society.

I continue to fundraise for JDRF. This page will receive donations through December. Please support me in helping to fund crucial research into cures, better treatments for and prevention of type 1 diabetes (T1D) by clicking the SUPPORT ME button.

An enormous thank-you goes out to everyone who has helped us to date! We hold close your words of encouragement and the appreciate the help provided to us since diagnosis. We are surrounded by a loving family and and community. Thank-you!



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