Why do I do this?

My daughter is healthy; we have no direct family members with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), but I know several friends who have children with diabetes.  That’s just it, I feel fortunate and indebted to these parents of children with T1D. What they have to endure as they help their little ones learn to be their own pancreas; pricking fingers, injecting insulin, waking them at nights to keep an eye on the sugar level, being vigilant.

Has Funding Made a Difference?

You bet! In just the last few years, the research JDRF was involved in has become common place. The insulin pump is a good example of this and we are hoping stem cell research will yield greater freedom for many.

There are two parts to this campaign:

  1. A massive organized event with thousands of riders at the Toronto Convention Centre where we will ride stationery bikes in teams of five for 7 minutes each. Scheduled for October 2.
  2. A private and personal challenge to ride from Toronto to Niagara for this same cause. This takes a little longer than 7 minutes. Planned for September 18.

This year two friends are joining me on the ride to Niagara. Henry Li is back after an impressive ride last year and Mike Samimi has decided to join. Mike was actually with me on the first ride to Niagara 8 years ago. We are not out to break any records, but we are out to change lives to have “No More Pricks”.

Last year  you helped us exceed our goal of $10,000 as a team for the first time. Although we have kept the same target for 2015, I am hoping we will be surprised on the upside. Please consider a generous donation to partner with us in our journey to help JDRF, and have No More Pricks.


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