Team Participation

Q. I am a Team Captain. Do I have to register my whole team?

A. No, you do not have to register your entire team, however we encourage all members of your team to register online. If you choose to register team members they will receive an email guiding them through the login process to take control of their account. Should you need help with registering team members please contact us at 1.877.505.5373 and we will be happy to help.

Q. How do I register as part of a team?

A. Once the Team Captain has registered, there are two options:

1. When the Team Captain is logged into the JDRF's website, they:


2. Go to

Q. Am I considered a “Family Team” if my company is walking?

A. If your team is registered with your company, it is considered an Organizational Team. Family Teams are formed by families living with diabetes and consist of family and friends who walk in support of that family.



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