Fundraising Rewards FAQs

Q. When will I receive my fundraising rewards?

A. Fundraising rewards such as the key chain and duffle bag will be received on Walk event day. While we make efforts to ensure that these items are received on event day, there may be situations where these items may have to be delivered post event. All e-gift cards will be issued 4-8 weeks post event. Participants that qualify for an e-gift card will receive a confirmation email prior to the e-gift cards being issued.

Q. Our team is doing team fundraising, do I still need to raise the suggested $100?

A. While we encourage each participant to fundraise a minimum suggested amount of $100, we recognize that some teams will choose to fundraise as a team. Please note that fundraising rewards are awarded based on pledged revenue raised by individual participants only (not team fundraising or corporate matched revenues).

Q. Who is eligible to receive fundraising rewards?

A. Participants who submit $100 or more are eligible to receive fundraising rewards as outlined on the pledge form or on JDRF's TELUS Walk website. There is one prize per participant and all funds must be submitted on Walk day or within three weeks of your Walk event day. Participants are encouraged to bring all monies on Walk day to reduce shipping costs.

Q. If our team does team fundraising do we qualify for fundraising rewards?

A. Fundraising rewards are awarded based on individual fundraising. For example, if a participant raises $100 and they are part of a team that raises and additional $500 in team fundraising activities such as bake sales, dress down days etc. the participant is only entitled to receive fundraising rewards for the $100 raised as an individual and would receive an exclusive JDRF TELUS Walk light up key chain.

Q. Are fundraising rewards paid for/donated?

A. JDRF pays for all fundraising rewards. To help JDRF direct more funds to research, participants can donate their prize back to JDRF by selecting the “Donate Back” option in the fundraising rewards confirmation email. Participants that qualify for fundraising rewards will receive an email 4 - 8 weeks post event day. JDRF negotiates discounts on purchased prizes nationally.

Q. What if I collect more funds after Walk day?

A. While we attempt to fulfill these requests, we encourage participants to submit their pledges to the best of their ability on Walk day. Depending on the situation, we may be able to support with filling your rewards through a back-order process up to three weeks after your Walk event day (no later than July 31, 2017 for JDRF TELUS Walks; and for Community Walks 4-weeks post-Walk date). Should this situation arise please contact your local JDRF office to determine options and next steps.

Q. Do I get a tax receipt if I decide to donate my e-gift card back?

A. Yes. Participants that qualify for an e-gift card will have the option to donate their e-gift card back to JDRF and direct more funds to research in the email confirmation that will be sent 4-8 weeks post event. Select the “Donate Back and Receive a Tax Receipt” option in the fundraising rewards confirmation email. You will be emailed your tax receipt within 4-8 weeks post event day. Thank you for your donation!

Q. I raised over $10K can I get an additional gift card over and above the $500?

A.  Individuals are awarded a maximum of $500 in gift cards only, regardless of the total funds raised.

Q. Is it OK if I share my fundraising rewards with my team?

A. Absolutely. You are welcome to share your fundraising rewards with your team if you wish.



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