Hear from Virtual Riders

Hear from Bill, a vRide participant that showed his resolve to revolve and took his Ride on the road!

Q. What motivated you to register for the vRide?
A. I knew I’d be out of town for Vancouver’s Ride Day September 30th, but as the volunteer Chair of the BC Ride Cabinet, I wanted to participate and contribute as I have in past years. The vRide provided an easy way to do this since I ride 100km most weekends and was able to easily send out donation requests through the JDRF website. 

Q. What did your vRide look like? Was it on the road, in a studio, etc.?
A. It was on the road on a beautiful Saturday morning with some friends. Started in downtown, around Stanley Park, out to UBC, out to Steveston and back along River Road to New Westminster - 103 km.

Q. How did you go about setting a goal and successfully raising funds? 
A. I used my goal from prior years and because my contact list was already on the database I simply had to push a few buttons and the email was sent. I also keep tabs of those that hit me up for donations during the year and made sure I sent them a donation request. 

Q. What advice would he give others to get involved in the vRide? 
A. Don't procrastinate. It doesn't take that long to register and send out donations requests so just do it. Once you've done that just weave your ride into your regular riding schedule or if you're not a regular rider, pick a time to get to the gym and stick to it.

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Inspired by his daughter, hear from Kyle who took the Ride to the next level,  riding over 500 KM to raise awareness and money for T1D!

In July 2015 my nine year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Over a period of one year my daughter will endure at least 1460 finger pricks and 2190 insulin injections, there is no known cause and currently no cure.  In response to this I decided that I needed to do something to help raise awareness and money for T1D research.

I biked from Saint John, NB to Fredericton, to Moncton and back to Saint John a distance of just over 500 KMs. My goal, to raise $5,000 or approximately $10 per KM. 

My hope: To see my daughter cured within my lifetime.

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Hear from team Scotiabank – Stratford CMU

Since 2012, team Scotiabank - Stratford CMU has been going the extra mile to raise awareness of type one diabetes (T1D)!  When joining the London Ride event wasn't possible, this dedicated and resourceful team joined the JDRF Revolution Ride to Defeat Diabetes by riding at their business centre during lunch breaks.  Through their ongoing participation in this fun and active event, Team Scotiabank - Stratford CMU is creating awareness of T1D and raised over $15,000 to help fund crucial research toward curing, better treating and preventing T1D.

Is your company, community group or network up for the challenge to help defeat diabetes? Register today and join other likeminded organizations and individuals all with the same goal of raising funds and creating awareness while having some fun! Not sure how to get started? Check out the Team/Group vRide planning guide in our online fundraising resource centre for some great tips and ideas.


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