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JDRF Challenge Events inspire you to go further to make an impact on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Face your fears, push yourself physically or turn an existing event into your own JDRF challenge. It’s easy to get involved.

Choose any event that challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone: Run a marathon, climb a mountain, conquer a fear or even turn your bucket list activities into a fundraising opportunity–then encourage friends and family to support you on your mission to end T1D.

Tell the world that you will do anything to impact T1D. Your fearlessness is what drives us on our mission to improve the lives of the over 300,000 Canadians living with T1D. 

A great example of a JDRF Challenge Event is long-time JDRF supporter, Rob Stewart’s Run to Type None Virtual Race. The virtual race takes place the weekend of November 12-14, to raise money for diabetes research. Taking part in this event is easy, simply register and run! Learn more about the 2016 Type One to Type None Virtual Race taking place from November 12-14.

Here are some other examples of Challenge Events supporters have done:

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