Greg Jizmejian

Team Captain No more pricks 2017 Virtual Ride/Roulons virtuel

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I witnessed how Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) impacted a family from the perspective of a parent’s eyes as a colleague dealt with the diagnosis of his then 5-year-old son. That was over 15 years ago. Ever since I have participated in the JDRF (stationary bike) Ride event in Toronto, but in 2007 the idea of an additional ride to Niagara was hatched. Many of the past rides were solo ventures, but in recent years a few people have joined in. On September 15th we will ride 150 km from Toronto to the shores of Lake Erie. Then on October 4th, we will be at Dundas Square with hundreds of other riders for an energy filled event. I am especially proud to have two inspiring Canadian athletes join our team (No more pricks) on ride day at Dundas Square. We have Sarah Wells an Olympic 400 m hurdler, and Gregory MacNeill a 400 m hurdler at the Pan Am Games. Consider coming out to see us at noon on October 4th. We will be under the big tent at Dundas and Yonge.

Please partner with us once again to raise some considerable research dollars. Your encouragement and support has always surpassed my expectations.


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