My Story of T1D

One of my earliest childhood memories is lying in hospital, getting jabbed for blood samples – the old-fashioned way, with a large needle, from my arm.  I was 3, and my family was worried. How do you give a needle to a 3 year-old? What can he eat? Can he play like ‘other’ kids? What if he has a low blood sugar episode at school? What does this mean for the rest of his life? How do we manage this condition every single day? There were so many questions and fears.

Fast forward to 2017. Over the years, there have been amazing advancements in diabetes treatment and technological aids.  Better insulin and glucose monitoring technology help improve diabetes management. Quite frankly, these advancements have kept me alive. They provide the means to support the long-term potential of those with Type 1 diabetes. However, this condition must be managed carefully, every single hour of every day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There has to be a cure!!!

The advances in treatments, through dedicated research, are life changing.  To give back to the diabetes community and to help get rid of T1D, I am raising funds and entering into the 106 mile (170KM) JDRF iRide cycle event in Tucson Arizona in November!

I hope you can support me to keep these vital advancements coming and to advance  the journey to find the cure that millions living with T1D are hoping for. We just need to make it happen!

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