A Journey of Discovery

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February 20, 2017

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A Journey of Discovery

Sensei Carrie Percival from the Academy of Marrtial Arts has made it her goal to hike the whole Bruce trail end to end (885 km).  This will be done over a course of a few months (approx 6), while raising funds for JDRF.

This year has been a big year of changes for me personally. I've always loved hiking, but always found a reason not to get out there.  Not this year!  My inspiration was to make sure that I showed my son that I lived and enjoyed every moment of my life.  JDRF is something that I am proud to be raising funds for - I love the idea of doing something that is bigger then me and support a family that has always been there for me (Love you Stewart Gang).

So join me on my journey of discovery - of self, friendship and nature.  

Each KM that I hike I will be donating $1 to JDRF
You can also help by donating to JDRF HERE 

- Sensei Carrie Percival 
The Academy of Martial Arts


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