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Let’s diaBEATthis 4 Alyssa

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August 15, 2020

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I would like to thank you for viewing my fundraising page. Also I would like to take the time now to thank you for reading “Alyssa’s Story” .

Alyssa was diagnosed at the age of 30 months  (2.5 years of age). This was on July 12 2013.  It was a regular day, we just came back from our road trip to Florida. Alyssa’s aunt came over to the house to babysit. Her aunt mentioned is it just me or does Alyssa look thinner. Well I thought the same thing so I brought Alyssa upstairs quickly to weigh her and she did lose 5lbs. At that age that’s a lot and it was in a short amount of time. Also Alyssa was also not fully potty trained and at night she would wet her bed so much that the entire sheets, pillow, her clothes and her diaper were soaked. The diaper was so wet that when I took it off it was a steady stream of liquid falling from the diaper. Of course I thought maybe I gave her too much to drink before bed and tried different things but she woke up this way three days in a row. So that morning after confirmation I was not losing it and my daughter did not thinner I called Telehealth. They informed me to take her in to the hospital immediately. When we got in the nurse checked her sugar and it was 32. She swooped up Alyssa and yelled follow me and ran her to the back. A team of nurses and drs cane in quickly hooking up an IV taking blood doing vitals. Then they said I’m sorry momma but your daughter has diabetes. I knew already as I knew the symptoms due to my medics background. I then had to call her father and advise him to come to the hospital right away. She was there for 4 days with lots of teaching and care. It was the hardest day of my life when I had to give Alyssa her first needle. The nurse looked at me and said to me you are not hurting her. You are saving her life. Give her the needle and immediately leave the room. Those were were never more true. I had to do just that give her the needle and leave the room as I broke down in the hallway sobbing and I blamed myself that I cause her to have this. It was my fault. I didn’t do my job as a mother to keep her from harm and now I have to harm her to keep her alive. It took me a long time and with a lot of teaching that I did not cause this. It was not my fault. In fact it was cause by a virus. 

Two years later with continuous teaching and changing from multiple daily injections to a pump we did her annual blood work and they discovered another barrier. Type one is an auto immune disease that is also linked to celiac disease which means you cannot have gluten at all. The bloom work cane back Alyssa was showing signs of Celiac. After more blood work and and a scope it was confirmed Alyssa now has Celiac disease. Now we had to do a lot more learning about this new disease on top of the diabetes. 

Years later Alyssa said mommy I don’t want to have any more children go through what I am going through. I said so what do you want to do. Alyssa said let’s help find a cure.  Since then we have been doing just that. Our goal is to say that these children use to have diabetes. 

Please if you can donate any amount as there is no amount that is too little.